Setting Up and Using Your PayPal Account

Not only can your donors use their credit or debit card for donations, they can also use PayPal.

Note: Donations made through PayPal will deposit through your PayPal account settings, not your Merchant account. It will also use PayPal's fees, not your Merchant account processing fees.

If you do not have a PayPal account for your organization, you can set one as you add it to your MobileCause account.

Link PayPal to MobileCause

To link your PayPal account to MobileCause:

  1. Click on Settings (the Gear icon)
  2. Click on Payment Methods
  3. Click on Link to PayPal to connect to Paypal and authorize the connection between PayPal and your MobileCause account. This will add your Paypal merchant account to the list of options in your MobileCause account.

Note: If you need to change your Paypal account to another one, please contact MobileCause Support so they can disconnect the current account for you, so that you can add the new one.