Saved Reports

You can save your various reports and access them from one location under the Saved Reports tab under Reporting > Search Transactions. All filters, such as Date Information, Campaign, or Keyword, and any export fields you select will be saved, so you can run that report with far fewer clicks.

Reporting > Search Transactions

Creating Your Report

To create your Saved Report you must first build your report as normal, as outlined here. When you would normally get ready to Export your report, you have the option to save this Report you've filtered.

  • Click Save Search.
    Save Search Button
  • Name the Report
  • Set the Visibility. You have the choice of All or Only Me.  In general, we recommend selecting All, so others on your team can benefit from your Settings/Report.
    Save New Report
  • Select Report Columns. This step is like the same as when you would normally export/download a report: Choose the appropriate columns for your report.
    • The Available Columns are grouped to make finding the desired fields easier. Any user generated fields that have been added to your forms from the Add Form Elements options will be listed at the bottom of the list.
    • You can also search for a desired field by typing it's label in the search box at the top.
  • Click Save Report. You may have to scroll down to see it.
    Report Category  Columns Selection

If everything worked correctly, you should be alerted that your report is now saved.

Saved Report Success

Using Your Saved Reports

To start using your Saved Reports, you will start with the same process by going to Reporting > Search Transactions.

Reporting > Search Transactions

  • Click on the Saved Reports tab in the upper left.
    Saved Reports Tab
  • Find the report you wish to work with.
    Saved Reports
  • Click the Actions Menu to the right, for your choices:
    Actions Menu
    • Run: Running your report is the same as if you are filtering a new report. You will end on the Results screen where you can review the snapshot of information before exporting it via the Export button in the upper right.
    • Edit: Editing your Saved Report allows you to adjust the Name of the report, the Visibility and which columns you would like in your report.
    • Download: Downloading your report is the one click method to download that report with all your saved settings. There are no additional screens, it will just start processing the report's request and start the download. If everything is set correctly with your report, this will likely be the most used option for you.
    • Delete: If you do not want a specific report anymore, you can delete it. It will give you a warning to confirm that you want to delete it, then it will alert you that the specific report has been deleted.
      Delete Alert
      Delete Success