Sharing Content via Text Messages

Text Msg Content

Messaging through MobileCause is SMS (Short Message Service). The SMS format allows for a maximum of 160 characters to be sent to a mobile number that can accept text messages. SMS is a nearly universal format that will allow you to reach the greatest number of your supporters.

160 Characters? Why does it say I have only 134 characters? Your messages will automatically include the required phrase "Text STOP to unsubscribe" which drops the usable character count to 134.

There are other texting standards that are not as widespread as SMS. They may allow you to send more text, pictures and videos, etc. but are not on every phone. So MobileCause uses SMS to reach the widest range of phones across most, if not all, phone carriers.

Even though SMS is optimized for sharing text, you can still share your donation forms, pictures, video and content over SMS through MobileCause by adding a URL/ web link to your text messages. You can add URLs/ Web links to texts that you send out to your supporters and the texts that your supporters receive when they text into a subscription keyword

To share your donation form, add the short link URL for your form to your text message. If you have enhanced text messaging, use the link button to directly insert the link to your desired form. 

To share videos, add a URL that links to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other place that you would like to host your video. Here is more information on how to show some of your recipients a video preview in their text messages.

To share images, articles, or webpages, you can add the URL that the content is hosted on to your text message. Many people choose to upload their photos to social media and, then, share the URL for the Photo on their social media in their text messages. To reduce the character count of the URL that you are sharing, to make sure you are under the SMS character limit,  you can use a third-party URL shortening service.