#GivingTuesday Kit

Save the Date 2020 Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is December 1, 2020

Need help with your #GivingTuesday campaign? The MobileCause #GivingTuesday Kit provides information to plan and develop your campaign. Download the Workbook to get you started. Watch the classes for inspiration and examples of the strategies in action. Grab the templates to make your design faster and easier. Use this resource guide to launch and develop a successful #GT.

With everything going virtual, we have this infographic to download to help you out with some strategies.

Virtual Strategies. for GivingTuesday andSays of Giving Campaigns

#GivingTuesday Workbook

MobileCause Academy Giving Tuesday Workbook Cover

Download our complete Giving Tuesday Workbook and start preparing for a successful #GivingTuesday today. Our printable PDF is designed with questions and prompts to help you build a winning strategy.

Correct GT Communications Plan

Don't forget this infographic to plan your Thanking strategy. Click here to download.

#GT Strategic Classes

Watch these different #GivingTuesday strategy classes from this year and previous years for ideas and planning of your #GivingTuesday campaign.

20202019 Case Studies
Download Slides
Download Slides
Download Slides

Download Slides
Download Slides

Fundraising Ideas and Strategies

StorytellingIntegrating TextingThanking and Acknowledging
Your Donors

#GivingTuesday Materials

Download these templates to use with your campaign. Get your supporters to help by taking unselfies tied to your organization. Prepare emails social media posts by simply inserting your organization's information into the templates. 

GivingTuesday TemplatesSocial Media Templates Cover
Email, Social Media and Text
UnselfieEmailSocial Media

Design Your #GT Activities

Other Links and References

#GivingTuesday logos to download and use: https://www.givingtuesday.org/logos

If you would like to see how you can use #GivingTuesday as part of your Year-End Giving campaign, watch the training here.