Payment Information Section

Payment Information

Section Heading - This is where you can change the wording of the section header that is displayed above the corresponding section on your donation form. You can also leave it blank if you don't want the line to show.

Charge Processing Fee - You can choose to present your donors the option to pay for the credit card charge Processing Fee, when they donate by enabling the Enable/Disable switch.

Processing Fee Percentage - The Processing Fee Percentage defaults to 2.5%. Depending on your agreement for your MobileCause Merchant Services, you may wish to adjust this number. If you are using another Merchant Services Provider to process your donations, you can change the percentage to match their fee percentage.

CVV - MobileCause Merchant Services don't require CVV to complete a transaction, so we give you the ability to make it required or not, based on your campaign's needs. The Show/Hide switch here does not affect the form (it only makes it not required). So, you really only have the option to make CVV optional or required through the checkbox. If a CVV code is included, it will be checked against their bank information, if not, it will not check.

Most people are comfortable with entering their card's CVV as a fraud prevention step, so this defaults to required.