Setting Up Google Analytics

You want to know how well your activities are doing. You want to get information on your supporters and donors. You may use Google Analytics with your organization's webpage. You can also use Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking to get more information from your MobileCause account.

Google Analytics Demo

To enable Google Analytics in your MobileCause account, all you need to do is enter a Universal Analytics Code (UA Code) from your Google Analytics account into the Analytics section of the MobileCause Settings.

Note: The code you enter needs to include the "UA-" in front of it. For example, enter UA-123456789, not just 123456789



For more information about Google Analytics, you can read about the options and capabilities here:

Getting your Google Analytics UA Code

New to Google Analytics

Existing Google Analytics Account

New to Google Analytics

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you will need to create one, by signing up at

Google Analytics SignUp

You need to fill in:

  1. What would you like to track? - Choose Website
  2. Account Name - Name your account, likely something like your organization's name
  3. Website Name - This is just a title that you can review that data for. For this, you likely will want to name it something like MobileCause Donations. If you decide you also want to track information about your organization's webpage, you can have that as a separate item (Property)
  4. Website URL - Make sure to change it, using the pull down, from http:// to https:// and put in

The other items on the page are optional, so add or review as you desire.

Google Analytics New User

Read and accept the Terms of Service to start using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Terms

Existing Google Analytics Account

If you already have a Google Analytics account, you should create a new Property of your MobileCause account. We say this so you can keep the numbers of people viewing your site separate from those accessing or donating to one of your forms:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. Click on Admin
    Google Analytics Admin Button
  3. Click the Property menu and choose Create New Property
    Google Analytics Property Menu
  4. At minimum, you need to name the new Property and provide a URL. We recommend using as the URL.  
  5. If you want to add Industry, there isn't an option for "Non-Profit" under Industry Category, so you can leave it blank or select Other.
    Google Analytics New Property
  6. Click Get Tracking ID

Tracking ID

At this point, either with a new account or adding a new Property, you will go to a page with a Tracking ID, Website scripts, PHP scripts, etc.  All you need to track your MobileCause Account is that actual Tracking ID.  This is the code that you add to your account under Settings > Analytics.

Google Analytics UA Code

If you quit out of this page, you can get back to it, to retrieve the UA code, by clicking on Admin on the left, then Tracking Info under Property and clicking on Tracking Code.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Add Ecommerce to the Property

  1. Click on Admin
    Google Analytics Admin Button
  2. Under the right column, View, click on Ecommerce Settings
    Google Analytics View Ecommerce
  3. Click the switch to turn ON Ecommerce and click Next Step.
    Google Analytics Ecommerce Enable
  4. DO NOT enable Enhanced Ecommerce Settings. Leave it OFF and click Submit.
    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

What information can I get from Google Analytics in MobileCause?

As we grow with Google Analytics, more information will be available. Right now, you can get information on the Transaction ID and the Amount (“Revenue” in Google Analytics terminology) of a donation.

Your basic Google Analytics account can pull data on:

  • The location of your visitors
  • Browser and operating system to see how many are viewing mobile vs. desktop, etc.
  • Referrals - where your visitors came from to get to your page
  • When your visitors visit your page
  • And much, much more.