Email Reporting

To view your email messages that have been sent, you will need to go to Communication & Marketing > Messages

Comm & Mark > Messages

And then click on the Outbox.


Both email and SMS (text) messages will be listed in the outbox and can be differentiated from the Type column.

Outbox Metrics

The Outbox will show you:

  • Which Campaign the message was sent from
  • The Type of message it is
  • The Title of the message
    • Clicking on the title will show you the details of the message
  • Sent will show you how many unique email addresses the message was sent to.
  • Stats will show you the open rate of the email and the click through of any links you have in it.
  • Date & Time show when the message was sent
  • Status will either show as Sent or provide any errors it may have had when sending the message.
Note: The Stats capabilities are part of our Advanced package. For more about this package and to upgrade, please contact your Account Manager.