Users Account Settings

MobileCause supports an unlimited number of users on your account. If there are others in your organization that need access to the platform you can easily add additional users. From the Users category, you can create new users, edit existing user accounts, delete users and, if you have the optional feature enabled, set different security settings.

Add New Users

  • Click on Settings.
    Settings Icon

NOTE: If you do not see the gear wheel icon, then your user does not have Admin privileges. Please contact your account admin to ask that they give you the required privileges to access the Account Settings.

  • Click New User
    Users category in Settings
  • Enter the new user's Email and make a Password for them (something easy to remember.)
  • If you want this user to be able to access the Settings tab in your account, check Admin.
  • If you want this user to be able to Void or Refund transactions and update recurring donations, check Finance.
    For more information about the different types of User accounts and what they can do, click here.
  • Enter the user's Name and Mobile Number.
  • Enter the user's Time Zone (Text messages scheduled by this user will send according to their time zone).
  • Click Create User

New User

  • Instruct your users to go to and select Login at the top right.
  • Users then enter Email and Password and select Log In to access their account.


Edit Existing Users

  • Click the Edit icon in the Action column by the user you wish to edit.
  • The Edit screen has the same options as the Create New User screen above.
  • The one addition is that when you edit a user, you can have them emailed when a recurring donation fails to complete it's processing. That way this user can then reach out to the donor to update their credit card information or determine the issue. For more on managing recurring donations, click here.
    • Put a check in the box to Enable Email Notification for Failed Recurring Donation for this user if desired.
  • When you are done making changes to the user account, click Update User.

    Edit User

Delete Users

  • Click the Delete icon (the trashcan) in the Action column by the user you wish to delete.
  • You will be shown a pop-up to confirm the deletion. Click OK to permanently delete the user.
    Delete Confirmation

Security Settings

If you would like these controls for security settings, contact your Account Manager or MobileCause Support to enable this feature for you.

Security Settings are an optional, granular approach to user account security. By clicking the Security Settings button you can change the complexity required for a user's password, have the passwords expire and more.

Mark users for password reset

Reset all users passwords so everyone needs to create a new one.

Password Strength

Set the level of complexity for passwords by requiring different types of characters: Upper case letters, Lower case letters, numbers and/or special symbols.

You can also set the minimum password length. By default a password cannot be less than 6 characters, and no password can ever be less than six characters. The maximum length of a password is 32 characters.

Failed Logins

When you enable Failed Logins, you can set the Allowed failed login attempts from 1-10. This setting will trigger the how may times the user can incorrectly guess their password before being locked out for a set amount of hours.

When the user has entered their password correctly and has reached the Allowed failed login attempts, they can be locked out of their account for 1-24 hours when you set the Suspend user's account for setting.

Password Expiration

If you Enable password expiration, you can set when a user's password will expire: every 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

Session Timeout

With Enable session inactivity timeout checked, you can automatically log your users out of MobileCause if they have not touched it for a certain length of time, The Log user out after inactivity period of choices are: 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, or 90 mins.

Make sure to save your settings once you've made changes.

Manage Security Settings