How do I add users to my account?

MobileCause supports an unlimited number of users on your account. If there are others in your organization that need access to the platform you can easily add additional users.

To Add New Users

  • Click on Settings.
    NOTE: If you do not see the gear wheel icon, then your user does not have Admin privileges. Please contact your account admin to ask that they give you the required privileges to access the Account Settings.
  • Click New User
  • Enter the new user's Email and make a Password for them (something easy to remember.)
  • If you want this user to be able to access the Settings tab in your account, check Admin.
  • Enter the users Name and Mobile Number.
  • Enter the users Time Zone (Text messages scheduled by this user will send according to their time zone).
  • Click Create User

  • Instruct your users to go to and select Login at the top right.
  • Users then enter Email and Password and select Log In to access their account.