Personalized Text Messages

With the Enhanced Text Message Package, you can add your donor's names into your text message to provide a more personal experience.

Note: The Enhanced Text Messaging capabilities are part of our Advanced package. For more about this package and to upgrade, please contact your Account Manager.

Go to Communication & Marketing > Messages

Type you message as you normally would.  Place the cursor where you would like to insert the name and select Personalize to open the Insert Contact Info box.

Choose the Contact Field you wish to insert. This function only supports First and Last Names of your constituents.

If you have a contact that does not have that field (first or last name) then you can insert a word or phrase to use instead in the If missing info use section. Make sure the word you choose makes sense!

Click Insert and it will add it to your text message.

Continue to build your message normally and send your personalized text to your supporters!

This function supports first names of up to 12 characters and last names of up to 13 characters, which, according to our research should allow for the vast majority of names. If you have a supporter with a longer name it will default to the "missing" phrase, just like a record without a name would.