Image Sizes

Image sizes on the forms will often stretch or shrink as needed, but it is recommended to have any image in your form be least a width of 476 pixels or more, so that other sites that may share image from your forms, like Facebook, will display them properly.

Your best strategy is to use an of the exact sizes below, or larger.

The best option for images is to use the exact size that will be displayed. If your image is larger, then it will show compressed and be not quite as clear. But shrinking the size usually doesn’t degrade the image quality that much. On the other hand, using a smaller image will stretch out the image and generally look much worse than a larger image shrunk.

Image Requirements:

  • Images must be in JPG or PNG format.
  • Images must be in RGB format, not CMKY or any other format.
  • It is recommended to have 72ppi (Pixels Per Inch). Higher resolutions, such as 300ppi may or may not work because the file size becomes too large. When they do work, they will frequently cause the form to load slower, so aim for 72ppi. Less that 72ppi may make the image fuzzy.

Image Specifications

Image Name

width x height




Organization LogoActual: 470 x 80

500 x 85
  • Email/PDF Receipts
  • Email/PDF Acknowledgements
The image will show at full size on email receipts, so try not to use too large an image.

Because of the way this image works on the receipts, it needs to be a maximum of 500 pixels wide.
Brand Logo /
Campaign Logo
Actual: 470 x 100
Recommended: 500 x 106
 Top of most forms 
Background ImageRecommended: 1920 x 1080 Background of any formImage will resize to fit screen
Confirmation Page (Thank You Image)Actual: 470 x any length
Recommended: 500 x "any" length

Confirmation Page
Custom ImageActual: 470 x any length
Recommended: 500 x "any" length
 Added to any form from the Add Custom Field optionRemember, a shorter form is most often a better experience for your supporters.
Thermometer: BackgroundRecommended: 1024 x 800  If you use a taller image, such as 1920x1080, the bottom of the image will cut off
Thermometer (Classic): LogoActual: 400 x 266   
Thermometer (Modern): LogoActual: 255 x 80

Recommended: 500px by 125px

Crowdfunding: Fundraiser/Team Profile PicturesActual: 143 x 143Recommended 1:1 The Team and Fundraiser images need to be square – if they are different ratios, they will be stretched / squashed into the square shape.
Crowdfunding (Theme 1): Media CarouselActual: 653 x 489Recommended 4:3  
Crowdfunding (Theme 1): Banner Logo:Actual: Any x 86

Recommended: up to 500 x 86
  If the image will scale to fit the whole image with a height of 86 pixels. Meaning you could have an extremely long image.

If you make the image longer than 500 pixels, though, you will start to run into issues with the form displayed on smaller screens.
Crowdfunding: Facebook ImageMinimum: 470 x 246

Recommended: 1200 x 627
Crowdfunding Sign Up LogoActual: 468 x 100   
Crowdfunding (Classic): Banner Background ImageActual: 500 x 170  Image will stretch to the width if the width is smaller than 500. If larger, the image will shrink to fit the width and cut off from the bottom of the image
Crowdfunding (Classic): Banner LogoActual: 110 x 100  Image will adjust to fit the dimensions
Crowdfunding (Classic): Banner Celebrity ImageActual: 131 x 100 (With Banner Logo)

Actual: 270 x 100 (Without Banner Logo)
  Image will resize to fit the width and cut off from the bottom