Organization Account Settings

The Organization section of your Account Settings provides key information about your organization that is used for both informational purposes as well as elements within various activities.


  • Organization Name: This should be your organization's name as it will appear on donor's tax receipts.
  • Short name: This is a 15 character field that will appear in two places: in the text responses when someone uses one of your keywords and as a twitter hashtag when someone shares about your organization from an Event Page or a Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Fundraising Page. For more about the short name, click here.
  • EIN: Your Employer Identification Number or EIN will appear on a donor's tax receipts.
  • Info Email: The Info Email is the email address that the automatically emailed receipts will come from when a supporter completes any of your forms and includes their email address and it is the address that your supporters can reply to when they do get that receipt and want to contact you.
  • Website URL: This is for your organization's website.
  • Sector: Currently for informational purposes only, but some future ideas include sector insights and specialized templates.
    Organization Sector
  • Privacy and Terms Link: If you want or need to add your privacy statement to your forms, such as to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, you can provide a link to a privacy page that you craft on your own website. Otherwise, it will default to using MobileCause's privacy statement. The Privacy Statement link will be at the bottom of your forms.
    Terms and Privacy
  • Donor Support Number: Enter a phone number for your donors to reach you if they're having any issues or concerns. If you do not put a number in this field, it will default to a MobileCause support form.
    • The Donor Support number appears through texting when a donor texts HELP after they've texted your keyword or in Recurring Donation reminder texts.
    • It also replaces the MobileCause support form with that number in all Recurring Donation reminder emails and texts.
      Donor Number Example
  • Save: Make sure to click save to save any changes you have made to the Organization page.