How to Set Up a Text to Donate Activity

Text to donate keywords make giving with a debit or credit card as easy as possible.

Individuals who text your keyword immediately receive a text message reply with a secure link to a PCI-compliant mobile donation page. With just a few clicks, individuals can make a one-time or recurring gift to your organization. Individuals that do not complete their donation form automatically receive three TCPA-compliant reminder texts to encourage and optimize fulfillment.

We encourage you to set up multiple targeted keywords and segmented giving forms within the same fundraising campaign for highly donor-centric giving experiences to optimize giving potential from your supporters.

Watch this video to get started or scroll below for the written version of the process:

Please Note: Videos can take longer to produce and our software is constantly changing and improving, so the exact screens in the videos may not be exactly the same as you see in your application, but you should still be able to follow the process until we can update the video.

Set Up Text to Donate


Set Up Your Keyword

Set Up Your Online Donation Form

Review the Mobile Experience of the Form and Keyword

Set Fulfillment Messages

Set Up Your Fundraising Thermometer


On the home page, click Fundraising and select Text to Donate.

Fundraising > Text to Donate

If you have existing Text to Donate forms created, you will see a table of them on this page. In this case, to create a new Text to Donate form, click the Create New button on the right. Button - Create New

If this is your first Text to Donate form, then you will be taken to the form creation process, like the Create New button does.

Setup Your Keyword

Text to Donate Keyword
  1. Name your form
    • This is just for your reference for easy viewing and organizing in the Text to Donate Forms list.
  2. Either type in a new Keyword, or select an existing one to reset and start from scratch.
    • For more information about reusing, moving or reassigning a keyword, click here.
  3. Select an existing Campaign or create a new one.
    • NOTE: Campaign is meant to organize real-time reporting. It is also used as the title and text for the link used when a donor shares about your organization to Facebook from the Thank You Page.
  4. Choose what Shortcode you would like to use: 41444 or 91999. Thank You Page with Mobile
    • The shortcode of your keyword is the phone number that the donor will text your keyword to. We give you two options to choose from. Since all MobileCause customers share the same two shortcodes, keyword possibilities can be limited. This allows there to be two of the same keyword to exist, just on separate shortcodes.
  5. Link for 'next' button after donation is made is where you would include a link for a donor to be redirected to once they have completed a donation.
    • Great links to include here might be a quick thank you video or a link back to your website or Facebook page to learn more or something like a link to a volunteer signup form.
    • If you leave this blank, no Next button will show on the Thank You page.
  6. On the thank you page, you also have the ability to change your Custom Message for Thank You page.
    • You can let donors know how their gift will be used, give them a call to action to share to Facebook and or Twitter and to click the Next button for more.

Setup your Online (Gift/Donation) Form

The Online Form is where all donors will be directed to when placing their donations. This is where you will select what information you collect and how the general donor experience will feel. As you edit the donation form, you will see a mobile preview of the changes you make to the right of the accordion dropdown. For details on each section, click the title to have that document open in a new tab.

Logo and Branding

Suggested Amounts

Recurring Donations

Contact Information

Payment Information

Footer Message

Form Submit

Receipts and Notifications

Embed Code

Text to Donate - Donation Form Sections

Mobile Experience

To see what is the donor mobile experience for text to donate, click on Mobile Experience on the left side of the page. For more information, click here.

Mobile Experience

Set Fulfillment Messages

For those who have texted the Keyword but not actually completed their donation, they will receive up to three reminders to complete their gift. You can select which Fulfillment Messages you want for this keyword, by checking/unchecking each and clicking Save. For more information, click here.

Fulfillment Category

Set Up Your Fundraising Thermometer

Your organization can easily project this real-time thermometer during live events to build and maintain momentum during the giving portion of your event. Mobile pledges appear live on-screen as the thermometer rises towards your goal.

When you first click on Fundraising Thermometer in the left menu, you will see your blank default thermometer like the one below. To design and customize your thermometer for the event, click here.

Fundraising Thermometer

Viewing Your Live Fundraising Thermometer

The live version will open in a new window when you click View Fundraising Thermometer below the left menu inside the box titled Display Links. You can also access the Thermometers directly by going to Events > Thermometer. You can enlarge the thermometer page to Full Screen to display or project at your event by clicking anywhere on the page.

Your Fundraising Thermometer During the Event

Once donors text your keyword, a space, the donation amount, another space and their name – their donation will appear on the live thermometer and they will get a text to complete their donation. The link in the text will automatically redirect them to the donation page. On the donation page, the amount pledged appears as the donation amount.

All participants that do not fulfill their pledge receive three reminder texts. These reminders dramatically increase pledge fulfillment.