Event Page Training

The MobileCause Intermediate series of training sessions build on the Fundamentals with four additional sessions/topics, so you can make the most out of your MobileCause account. After every session, you can take a quick quiz to challenge your skills. For more on the certification classes/recordings, click here.

The Event page is a standalone web page with a singular focus created specifically for an event. It is where visitors land after clicking on an email, ad, web search, or social media link about your event. It provides key information about the event in one location that is easy to access and view. Use the event page for live streaming your virtual event, providing details and videos about your in-person event or anything else you need.


  • What is an Event Page?
  • How to create an Event Page
  • Themes and Heroes
  • Standard Section Types
  • Added Sections

Event Page Class

If you will have more than 1,000 live viewers during your virtual event, please contact your Account Manager a week in advance so we can advise on the setup and preparation for your event and schedule complementary technical monitoring during your event.

Event Page Quiz

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Further Study

  • Read all about designing the Event Page in the Event Page section in the Knowledge Center.
  • Watch the other Intermediate level classes here.