Ticketing Check-In

Once you've created your Ticketing Activity, you may be managing your guest list, but at your event, you will want to check those guests in with their tickets!

To do so, start in your campaign.

Use the action menu to the right of your Ticketing form and select Check-In.

You can check in the Guests manually by finding them from the list.

If you want to look for a specific guest, you can use the search box above the guest list to search by any of the items shown on the screen:

  • Name
  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Type
  • Email
  • Phone

You can also use the Filter button to the right of the search box to narrow the list first by ticket type before you search.

Click Check In by the found name/ticket.

It will give you a verify screen that you can double check the name/ticket number, etc. click Check In to continue.

You will then get a Successful Check-in screen where you can close by clicking Ok, got it.  

You can also click Update Guest Info to change the Guest's Name, Mobile Number, and Email. If you have enabled the setting to Save guest payment info on file, you can also add their credit card information, as explained here

Note: The purchaser of the tickets can also add their guests' information before the event with a switch enabled in the TIcketing Design, as described here.

If you clicked on the wrong ticket, you can click Undo from the Success screen, or Cancel from the previous screen to stop the check-in process. If you click Undo, it will inform you that the Check-in has been removed.

You can also use the camera on your laptop, tablet or phone to check in a guest with the QR code on their ticket using the Scan Ticket button in the upper right of the Check-In page.

Note: If you leave the camera open without scanning for too long, it will time out and put you back on the main Check-In page.

With the camera on, show the ticket to your camera, aiming to put the code between the brackets. When the application detects the QR code, the brackets will turn green and the image of the detected QR Code will turn red.

A moment later, it will indicate that the guest is checked in and you can click Ok, got it to close the message.

If you made a mistake you can click Undo to stop the check-in and Ok, got it to close the Undo message.