How am I billed for transaction fees?

Merchant Accounts

All Merchant Account customers will automatically have credit card transaction fees taken from them with the transaction processing.

Some of our legacy accounts offered a 0% fees promotion. If you are on this promotion, you will receive a quarterly check from MobileCause reimbursing you for the fees removed.

(For Legacy Accounts) Standard Monthly Remittance Checks

The credit card processing fees (CCPF) are deducted from your monthly remittance check at the rate agreed upon in your MobileCause contract. Remittance checks are mailed once per month to non-profit organizations. Included with the check will be a brief summary statement which includes the total amount of collected donations for that month, deducted fees, and any refunds or chargebacks deducted. For more about remittance, click here.

For more answers about merchant services, review the Frequently Asked Questions.