Reporting & Analytics

Chances are you are not maximizing MobileCause’s reporting and analytics capabilities to dig deep into the results of your campaigns. With a better understanding of the data available within MobileCause and the knowledge you can glean from it, you will be armed to make changes to your campaigns, optimize what’s working, and know where your donations are coming from. 

To learn more about the powerful capabilities of Reporting & Analytics, this strategy training will dig in and help you uncover uses of the tools you already have access to. In the training we will: 

  • Look at analytics beyond the campaign dashboard 
  • Uncover reporting functionality you may not be using
  • Reveal how to review reports to maximize your campaign insights 

And much more!

Note: It was brought to our attention that finding exactly where these different reports could be found was not explained effectively. To help with this, the PDF has been annotated with specific steps to get to the report, so make sure to download the PDF.

Reporting & Analytics Video


Note: Some of the features presented in the recording are exclusive to the MobileCause Advanced plan. The annotated PDF indicates these more explicitly than the recording does, so make sure you download the PDF below.

If you are not on the Advanced Plan, those indicated features will not be available. If you would like them, contact your Account Manager ( about upgrading your account.


Download the slides from the session, by clicking here.

Reporting & Analytics

Mentioned in this session: