Virtual Events

This Virtual Events page gives you links to build your activities for your virtual event and downloads to enhance your fundraising event's potential. This page has everything from blog posts to strategy guides for download, links to page designs for Virtual Events and examples and case studies of successful virtual events.

If you will have more than 1,000 live viewers during your virtual event, please contact your Account Manager a week in advance so we can advise on the setup and preparation for your event and schedule complementary technical monitoring during your event.

The Essential Tech Elements for Virtual Fundraising Events

Blog Post

In the new world of social distancing and limited in-person gatherings, nonprofits everywhere are embracing virtual fundraising events and campaigns. Hosting virtual fundraising events are new to many nonprofits and can, therefore, make those in charge feel a bit intimidated, especially if they don’t define themselves as particularly “tech savvy.” If that’s you, do not fear. Click here to read the rest of this blog post.

Designing for Virtual Events

Event PageFor a Virtual Event, you will want to create a one stop location for all your event needs, whether it is donations, sponsorships, livestreaming or progress. Create an Event Page to rally your supporters around.
Event Page ProgressWhile you can use a Fundraising Thermometer for your virtual event, you may want something similar specifically on the Event Page to showcase your progress and thank your donors.
Event Page VideosVirtual Events can take many forms. Including videos can draw your audience to your cause more than just images. Livestreaming videos allow you to take the live event experience to the virtual environment. Add a video (live or recorded) to your Event Page. 
Live Event ThemeWhen you select the Live Event Theme in the Event Page, your Hero section transforms into a one stop giving screen to stream your live event. 
Fundraising ThermometerWhether you livestream or record a video, you can include a Fundraising Thermometer in the background.  Or share out your Fundraising Thermometer so all can see your progress.

Strategy Guides

MobileCause Customers Virtual Events Tech Guide eBook CoverTech Setup Guide for Virtual Fundraising Events

If the technical setup for a virtual event is keeping you from embracing the fundraising possibilities these campaigns can provide, then this guide is here to ease your tech fears. The setup needed for a virtual fundraising event can be as simple as your phone/computer or a bit more complex with added services that are both inexpensive and easy-to-use.

Virtual FundraisingVirtual Fundraising Campaign Ideas

We are all in uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic and the prescribed social distancing, and it has left many nonprofits wondering what alternatives they have to holding an in-person fundraising event so they can still make a difference for their cause.

Our infographic, Virtual Fundraising Event and Campaign Ideas, brings them 10 effective and fun ways to take their event online, when the time comes for them to start fundraising again. We share what each idea entails, how to put it into action, plus creative uses to get nonprofits going when they’re ready.

Virtual Event ebook cover5 Steps to the Perfect Virtual Fundraising Event Program

Our ebook, 5 Steps to the Perfect Virtual Fundraising Event Program, shows you not only the virtual fundraising event set-up essentials but also the five easy steps you can take to build a dynamic virtual event program that’s sure to engage your audience and motivate supporters. We even threw in a handy virtual event program checklist to keep you organized before, during and after.

GivingTuesday Logo#GivingTuesday Kit
There's Thanksgiving, then CyberMonday then GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday is a social media giving phenomenon with a Day of Giving style of virtual event that you can use for any virtual event you plan. Our GivingTuesday Kit is your one stop resource to all your #GivingTuesday needs.
Complete Mobile Strategy GuideComplete Mobile Strategy Guide

"How can nonprofits continue to effectively communicate and fundraise in the new "normal" of virtual environments?"  

Our Complete Mobile Strategy Guide shares how mobile messaging and text-to-donate can transform your communications like never before. Here are just a few of the ways these tools can help keep donors informed and your organization moving forward.

MobileCause Academy Virtual Events Strategy Roundtable


Download the presentation here.

Other Fundraising Ideas and Strategies

Virtual Event - Event Page Showcase/Examples

Genesis Community HealthGenesis Community Health Event Page
Bottomless Closetottomless Closet Event Page
Believe BigBelieve Big Event Page

Case Studies

Virtual Event In Action - Friends of Youth
  • Over 600 viewers
  • Sponsors continued to support the event
  • $16,300 raised via MobileCause
  • $36,583 raised on day of event and an additional $26,175 the following week 
  • $429 average text-to-donate gift size, 80% CTR, 95% Conversion Rate
  • Without banquet costs, raised over $418,000 with net profit more than previous year
Virtual Events in Action - Advocates for Children
  • Raised $13,569 through peer-to-peer ahead of event
  • Created community and camaraderie
  • Able to promote and support sponsors
  • Can continue to build towards live event in the fall
Virtual Events in Action - Believe Big
  • Raised more than $200,000 and counting
  • Net total raised higher than last year’s event
  • Received 263 gifts
  • 129 new donors
  • 1,200 views of virtual event
  • More than half of viewers were outside Maryland
  • Helped grow database
  • Increased awareness around cause