Syncing Existing Contact Lists between Constant Contact and MobileCause

After you have connected to Constant Contact as outlined here, you may want to import your Contacts from Constant Contact to MobileCause, so you can immediately start sending emails through MobileCause. You may also want to sync your MobileCause contacts back to Constant Contact.

Note: The following sync procedure will only sync/work with email addresses. If you want to pull your list from Constant Contact to use for Texting, you must export it from Constant Contact and import it into MobileCause using the method described here.

Go to SettingsEmail Processors
Settings Icon

In Email Processors, click on Sync Settings.

Email Processors

On the Sync Settings page, you have the option to add MobileCause contacts to your Constant Contact and perform a one time sync from Constant Contact into MobileCause. By default, both are chosen. If you would prefer not to sync one direction, then click on the tile to remove the checkmark.

Constant Contact Sync Your Contact List

If you want to backup your MobileCause contacts and lists, you want Sync to Constant Contact checked. You can also click on Change to choose which lists you would like to send to Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Sync To

Note: Syncing lists to Constant Contact may cause your monthly fee to change, we will not sync contacts automatically.  For more information, you will need to discuss it with Constant Contact. If you are exploring your options, you can see Constant Contact's pricing here.

If you want to import Constant Contact records into MobileCause, you want Sync from Constant Contact checked. This sync option is a one time sync, so make sure everything is ready in your Constant Contact account.

Constant Contact Sync From

Either or both options that you choose, to actually sync, you must click the Sync Now in the upper right.

Sync Now

If you have chosen to Sync To Constant Contact, you will receive a warning message about potential additional fees to your Constant Contact account. If you are okay with this, then you can click I Understand to start the sync. Otherwise you can click Not now to sync at a later time.

Constant Contact Sync Warning

When you sync, it will take you to the completion page.

Constant Contact Sync Complete 

If you had chosen the one-time Sync from Constant Contact, the Sync Settings page will now show you that it has already been done.

Constant Contact Already Synced

If you select Sync Later, it will save the lists you plan to sync so you have do it at a later time. You will get a warning message:

Constant Contact Sync Later

The next step is to start sending Email messages through MobileCause. To follow the procedure, click here.