Live Training and Certification

The MobileCause Fundamentals series takes you through the most common usage of a MobileCause account, through four different sessions.

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MobileCause Fundamentals Certification Program

After every session, you can take a quick quiz to challenge your skills. If you attend the four Fundamentals classes (at any time), and pass all four exams, we will send you a Certificate of completion in your email and you can call yourself a MobileCause Professional.

For the recorded versions of the classes, click here.

Monday: Navigation and Reporting

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Get to know your MobileCause account! We'll take a tour of the application, discuss ways to use the different functions within your account and how you can see the health of your accounts from the dashboard, within a campaign and through reporting. We will define specific phrases and concepts to get you comfortable using your account.

Tuesday: Donation and Event Activities

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As hands on as you want it to be, the Donation and Event Activities class will take you through the design process of the most common activity in MobileCause, and show you how you can apply that knowledge to personalizing your other forms. 

Wednesday: What's New Wednesdays / Open Questions


When there are public-facing improvements to the platform, they will be showcased on Wednesdays with new content rotating every month. If new features do not fill the hour, or there weren't new features the previous month, then the session will be an open discussion for participants to ask their questions and see how we would do it in our test environment.

Thursday: Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Build a Fundraising page where your supporters can volunteer to fundraise for you as individuals and in teams. Build a Sign-Up form and learn about the many options to tailor your activities to fit your Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising campaign. 

Friday: Texting and Communication

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Learn how to leverage Texting to reach more of your supporters. We'll discuss strategies for messaging and lists of supporters and take you through the process of sending text messages.