Importing MobileCause Data into Salesforce

Connecting your MobileCause account to your Salesforce system will allow you to map your MobileCause data from any of your forms to Salesforce data objects.  You will be able to create and update records as needed with daily data imports.

To take advantage of your MobileCause and Salesforce integration you will need to:

Connect to Salesforce with your MobileCause API private key

  1. To learn how to generate and retrieve your private key, click here.
  2. Install the MobileCause App from the Salesforce Marketplace
  3. In the settings of the MobileCause app, add:
    • MC Account (your email address)
    • API Token (from step 1)
    • Click Save

Map your MobileCause form field to Salesforce objects

You can do this for all of your forms or for specific forms/activities. Within Salesforce on the MobileCause tab:

  1. Click Configure Custom Mappings
  2. Select the Account (if you have multiple accounts set up)
  3. Under Form Name, select the form you wish to look up.
    • There is also the Global form to retrieve the data from all your MobileCause forms
  4. Click Lookup
  5. On the new page, under Object Mapping, select where you want to add the MobileCause data.
    • Such as, do you want the imported information to become a Contact, an Account or an Opportunity?
  6. Under Field Mapping, choose the items from MobileCause (the Source Field) and where they should be placed in SalesForce (SFDC Field).
    • Example: Source Field = “City” and SFDC Field = “Billing City”
  7. Click Save
  8. The way the MobileCause App works is that, daily, it will request the transactions from your MobileCause account.

Manually retrieving information from MobileCause

In Salesforce, on the MobileCause tab,

  1. Select a Start and End Date
  2. Click Request from API
  3. Click Process Transactions

Review the daily import jobs and the import log

Once you are connected you can review the daily import jobs and the import log and review MobileCause transaction details within Salesforce.

  1. Click on the MobileCause Transaction Jobs tab
  2. You should see different jobs listed, click on one to review it.
  3. Under MC Transactions can see details from different transactions by clicking on one of the transactions
    • It will show both the standard fields and the custom fields so you can review the mapping set above.
    • These transactions will, based on the mapping, create or update contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc with all their data within Salesforce.


For help with a MobileCause for Salesforce technical issue, contact our Support team by clicking here.