How To Videos

The training videos below take you through the setup process for various options within your MobileCause account.

Sign Up for Live training and ask questions. The four MobileCause Fundamentals courses can be found hereThis series of courses contain quizzes to challenge your understanding of the material and if you pass all four, you can earn a Certification in MobileCause Fundamentals.

For MobileCause Academy recorded classes, click hereMobileCause Classes occur about once per month and provide you with actionable strategies on various topics. Learn best practices for everything from Ticketing design to Giving Thanks to Days of Giving with experts from our Digital Fundraising Services team and the Training team.

Please Note: Videos can take longer to produce and our software is constantly changing and improving, so the exact screens in the videos may not be exactly the same as you see in your application, but you should still be able to follow the process until we can update the video.