Export a Report of Donations and Donor Information

Your organization can access donation and donor information in real-time. You can include multiple types of donations in one report while filtering certain dates, keywords, and even last four digits of the payment method.

To export a report of donor information:

Click Reporting then Search Transactions:

Reporting > Search Transactions

Choose the Transaction Types of the donations you would like to see by selecting Credit Card, Offline or Non-Payment. You can also filter by Billing Status.

Search Transactions - Transaction Type

To further filter the results, check the Date Information box and choose a date filter option or enter a custom Start Date and/or End Date.

Search Transactions - Date Information

Under Activities, you can filter by Campaign, Keyword and Form.  If you choose a specific campaign, then to further filter by a Keyword, you will only see those keywords within that selected campaign.

Search Transactions - Activities

In Contact Information, you can look for a specific supporter by Name, Email, or Phone. You can also find them with the Last 4 on Credit Card field found in the Payment INformation section below,

Search Transactions - Contact Info

In Payment Information you can filter to only show your larger donors, for example, by searching only for donations of a Minimum Amount, or a range by including the Maximum Amount

Search Transactions - Payment Information

Click Search.

Search Criteria - Search Results

Below your Search Criteria you will find the Report you just generated. Here you only get basic information on the transactions like Phone Number, Name, Amount and more. To access all the information in the transactions like Address and Custom Field selections, click the Export button in the top Search Criteria bar.

Report Category Columns Selection

Select the fields you'd like to export using the right and left arrows. If needed, change the order of selected items using the Up and Down buttons.

The Available Columns are grouped to make finding the desired fields easier. Any user generated fields that have been added to your forms from the Add Form Elements options will be listed at the bottom of the list.

You can also search for a desired field by typing it's label in the search box at the top.

Next, click Download.

A CSV spreadsheet containing requested donor information will immediately be downloaded in your browser.

For extra information and specific reporting options for Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, click here.

CRM Import Process

  1. Download and open the Excel CSV file from your MobileCause export.
  2. Sort and organize relevant columns.
  3. Import relevant fields into your CRM.