Introducing the Event Page

Design the new Event Page feature in MobileCause to showcase your upcoming event.

The Event page is a standalone web page with a singular focus created specifically for an event. It is where visitors land after clicking on an email, ad, web search or social media link about your event. It provides key information about the event in one location that is easy to access and view.

This recording walks you through the features of what you can do with this page.

If you will have more than 1,000 live viewers during your virtual event, please contact your Account Manager a week in advance so we can advise on the setup and preparation for your event and schedule complementary technical monitoring during your event.

Note: This recorded webinar contained an extended live Q&A at the end to answer questions related to the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on fundraising campaigns and events.


Download the slides from the class, by clicking here. And the extra infographic on Virtual Events, by  clicking here.

Introducing the Event Page Virtual Fundraising