Activity Keyword Setup

Almost all the activities within MobileCause, whether it is a Text-to-Donate, Ticketing, Volunteer Signup, etc. use the same initial setup for the activity, known as Keyword Setup. As soon as you create a new activity you will be presented with the initial Setup page, known as the Keyword section on the left menu when you have a created activity.

When you complete the Setup page and click save, it will verify the Keyword is available on that shortcode and make the entire activity live.

Text to Donate - Keyword

  1. Name your form
    • Changing this to something meaningful for you will help when you view the various activities you create within a Campaign and viewing various forms of the same type from the Navigation menu.
  2. Add a Keyword to your form
    • Make sure you follow best practices when choosing a keyword as outlined here.
  3. Select a Campaign
    • If you created the activity from within the Campaign, it will default to that campaign. You can also create a new campaign from here, but it is preferred to create the campaign from the dashboard as there is extra information you can include.
  4. Choose what Shortcode you would like to use.
    • The shortcode is the (short) phone number that the supporter will text your keyword to. The shortcode you can use depends on the type of activity you are creating. For more details on shortcodes, click here.
  5. Link for 'next' button after donation is made is where you would include a link for a supporter to be redirected to once they have submitted their information to volunteer.
    • Great links to include here might be a quick thank you video or simply link back to your website to learn more about your organization or a link to join your Facebook group, etc.
  6. On the thank you page, you also have the ability to change your Custom Message for Thank You page.
    • This is the message included right above the Next button, so it would be helpful to include a call to action here about clicking the Next button. With the Rich Text Editor, you can format your message, include videos, images, and links.