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How to Use Crowdfunding for a Paid Registration Event

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 01:09PM PST
Especially during summer months when weather is great, non-profits will often host a run / walk, bike event, dance-off, etc. where participants are encouraged to fundraise. Much like Relay for Life or Heart Walk, a paid registration may be required before a participant can fundraise. Using the default crowdfunding sign up form would make this impossible as it does not have options for payment. However, with the use of our forms and custom fields, we can create our custom registration page and then use features built into MobileCause to use your custom registration form for sign up instead of the default.

This method of custom sign up can also be used for a non-paid registration, but for example below we will detail the process of creating a paid registration form.

Creating Your Custom Form

Create your Crowdfunding campaign as described in the setup article and ensure your Fundraiser Page and donation Online Form are set up to your campaign needs. You can see our examples below:

Now we need to create the custom registration form that we will have our participants use or pay to fundraise. Click on the Online Forms menu option in the left-hand menu. If you had our Support Team enable multiple forms, you will see the multiple form table at the top of the page directly underneath the bold page header.

You should only see one form named "Online Form" here, or your default donation form. We do not want to change or edit this form from its intended purpose, but rather create a new form specifically for registration / sign-up. To do this, click the blue Create New Form button.

You'll want your Form Name to be a name that is distinguishable, such as "Custom Registration/Sign-up Form" so when it comes time to switch your sign-up forms, you know which is which. The Form Type should be set to Registration. Lastly, ensure you leave the Default? option to "No" as we still want our default online form to be our donation form. Click Save.

Now you must create your registration form and custom fields to charge the proper fees to participate in your event. This could be a dropdown to select quantity of tickets or runners/walkers or textbox to collect an amount. Then make sure you create your custom calculation field to ensure your registration options are correctly linked to the donation amount. To learn more about creating custom fields or calculations, click on the respective links.

Linking to Your New Registration Form

Note: You MUST contact MobileCause Support to enable the feature Option to sign up as fundraiser found in the Form Submit section of your setup page. This is very important as this is what enables the feature that asks the registrant if they would like to become a Crowdfunding fundraiser after purchasing their registration.

Next, we must link the "Become a Fundraiser" button to our new registration form. First, go back to the Fundraising Page edit screen. Scroll down near the bottom and you will find the two dropdown options Sign up button link and Donation button link. Using these dropdowns, you will select which form you want each button to redirect to. Make sure to select your custom registration form and not your normal Sign Up Form. Click Save at the bottom of the page and you're done!

How does a Registrant Sign Up to Fundraise?

When marketing your event/campaign, you'll normally want to share the Fundraiser Form found in the Display Links box underneath the left-hand menu, but sometimes you may want to direct constituents to your new registration form. In order to send attendees straight to your paid registration form, click on Online Forms and then copy the Public Link found to the right of the name of the form in question.

Once an attendee clicks the submit button at the bottom of your custom form, a window will pop up asking if the registrant would like to sign up to become a fundraiser.

If they click Yes, sign me up!, the registrant will be sent to finish the fundraiser sign up process like creating a password and setting individual fundraiser settings.

If they click No thanks, the registrant will have paid to register but will not continue with signing up to fundraise. If all registrants must fundraise in order to participate, you can send these people to the regular, default sign up link found in the Display Links box underneath the left-hand menu. This will have them bypass the paid part of the sign-up process.

Lastly, if they click Cancel, the attendee will be kicked back to the registration page.
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