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How do I configure receipts for donors' tax deductible donations?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 09:50AM PDT
IMPORTANT: Your organization has the option to turn on or off official tax-deductible donation receipts that are sent via email. If you would prefer to not send donation receipts to your donors, please submit a service ticket with your request. 

To change keyword-level receipts, watch the video or follow the instructions below

Please Note: Videos can take longer to produce and our software is constantly changing and improving, so the exact screens in the videos may not be exactly the same as you see in your application, but you should still be able to follow the process until we can update the video.

Account-wide Receipt Configuration

You can configure receipts on an account-wide basis (as long as they are enabled) by clicking on the Settings icon, then on Receipt Configuration.

Activity-Specific Receipt Configuration

Often different receipt language is needed from one activity to another. We give you the ability to customize receipts for individual activities so that you can sell goods or services on one form while sending tax-deductible receipts on others. To change keyword-level receipts, watch the video above or follow the instructions below:

  1. Go into the activity you wish to edit the receipt. Likely you will do this by going into the corresponding Campaign tile, then clicking on the activity's name or keyword.
  2. Click on Online Form.
  3. Inside the Form Submit section, click on Configure Email Receipt.
  4. Make the desired changes.
  5. Click Save at the bottom.

What does the receipt email look like?

What about the PDF Receipt?

Or, as an alternative, you can send acknowledgement emails to each donor.
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