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How to Setup a Payroll Deduction Form in MobileCause

Last Updated: May 09, 2019 02:53PM PDT
With the use of MobileCause's non-payment online forms, we can easily set up a workplace payroll deduction form to be easily distributed and managed. Like all of our forms, they can either be accessed by the generated shortlink or by using a text-in keyword.

Create the Form and Keyword

Start first by clicking on the Online Form link in the Setup dropdown menu.

Next, select what campaign this form will be linked to as well as the keyword it will be associated with. You can also set the custom message or thank you URL at this time, but we will skip this for now.

Setup Online Form

As usual on any MobileCause form, you have the ability to upload a custom background and logo, but in this article, we are going to focus on the 3 essential parts to a Payroll Deduction form.

NOTE: This is a basic and general example of a payroll deduction form. You may need to add or change the necessary fields for your particular form.

1. Payroll Deduction Information

We need three important pieces of information from each employee to complete their payroll deduction: their employer (unless this form is for only one company), employee identification number, and the amount they wish to donate per pay period. To collect this information we must first create a new section for these custom fields to be placed in.

First, enter a title for this section. Then move your new section using the Up and Down buttons next to the sections list. Once you are done moving your sections, click the blue Save button.

Next, we need to add the custom fields to our custom section. We can do this by clicking on the accordion dropdown for our new section, then on the blue "Add Custom Field" button.

First we need to create a dropdown field for the names of participating companies in your payroll deduction program. Choose a title for this field and enter each dropdown item ("menu item" is what the donor sees, "item value" is what is shown only on your backend exported reports). Click the blue Add Item button for each additional dropdown item. Once you are done entering employers, click Save.

Next we need to add the two custom Text Box fields for both the donor's employee identification number and payroll deduction amount. We can do this by clicking on the same Add Custom Field button at the bottom. Text Box fields require less work for you, simply fill in the title of the field and click Save
´╗┐NOTE:´╗┐ Make sure to set all of these custom fields to "Required" or else donors may be able to complete their payroll deduction without this crucial information.
Your Payroll Deduction section should now look something like this. If so, let's continue on.

2. Contact Information

When collecting donor's information, we always suggest shorter and simpler forms. Statistics have proven higher completion rates for those who create forms that have fewer clicks from entry until the time they click Donate. This means hiding any contact fields that are not essential to your organization. If donors can only find your form by texting a keyword, mobile phone number is not required as it will already be collected when they text in. If constituents can find the form via shortlink or on their computer, make sure to set it to "Required" for later cultivation.

3. Constituent Outreach

Lastly, make sure to include any other information or marketing campaigns in your form. Using our custom sections and fields, you can use a MobileCause form to create email opt-in checkboxes, volunteer signup forms, or referral name text fields. Utilize the tools we've offered and express your creativity. The possibilities of non-payment forms are endless.
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