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How do I customize or edit my fundraising thermometer?

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 01:33PM PST
The Dynamic Event Thermometer can be displayed at live events to help motivate donors to give and celebrate reaching your fundraising goal.

A thermometer is automatically created when you set up a new Fundraising Event keyword.


To customize or edit your Fundraising Thermometer

Click on Events > Thermometer

Click on the Thermometer Keyword or the Edit icon under Action of the Thermometer you wish to customize.

Scroll down below the thermometer preview and click on the tabs to edit the thermometer.

Fundraising Thermometer Customization Tabs

Goal - Set your donation goal on this tab. The donation goal amount is used when calculating the percentage of the thermometer filled as well as the options given on the Totals tab. 

Header - The Header will show your call to action. Enter some brief instructions for pledging. We recommend "Text to 41444   Message: KEYWORD   Your Amount   Your Name/Message". You can also change the color and size of the call to action text, as well as the color of the background for that text.

For the Donor Wall portion of the Thermometer page, the message your donor should send should always be in the form of "KEWORD" + "AMOUNT" + "ANY TEXT" all as one text message. Keyword then amount is the most important parts, separated by spaces.  After the amount, anything typed will be displayed, so can be anything from the donor's name, a dedication, a prayer, etc. 

Note: If someone just texts the keyword (without amount and extra text), it will register on the Donor Wall with the donation page's default donation amount and the Donor's name as listed in the MobileCause Lists database (based on the phone number).

Background - This is what will appear behind the Logo, thermometer totals and donor names. You can choose from three background options:
  1. Upload your own custom image: choose the background image from your computer. We recommend sizing it to the dimension of the computer screen that will be used to project the thermometer at your event. This is typically 1024 x 800 pixels but monitor sizes can vary. The file type should be .JPG or .PNG.
  2. Choose a background template: select a pre-designed background specially created for a dynamic experience with our Fundraising Thermometer.
  3. Choose a solid color background - enter the hexadecimal value for the color you want, or use the color wheel to select a color.

Logo - Click Choose File to upload your logo file to the top left corner of the Fundraising Thermometer. Recommended size is 400 x 266 pixels with a file type of .jpg or .png. This should normally be the same or very similar to the logo used on your donation form so your donors immediately see the connection between the form and the displayed thermometer.

Thermometer - Enter the hexadecimal value or use the color wheel to change the fill color of the thermometer. Uncheck the box to hide the thermometer.

While the thermometer itself is an incredible incentive to drive your supporters to donate - people like to see the numbers grow and the thermometer reach the top - if you've never done an event like this before and don't have an idea of the amount you can raise, showing the thermometer (and the monetary goal options) may not be the best option.

Your goal may be far too reaching and the event will appear to have failed because the amount isn't increasing significantly. Your goal may be shortsighted and you may reach your goal too early and your supporters don't want to continue to donate.

In this case, you can still use the "Thermometer" for the donor wall and aim for other, incremental goals, such as reaching a certain amount in the next few minutes or trying to get every guest to donate something. Even without shown goals, this page is very powerful for your event's fundraising.

Totals - Select what information displays on the left side of the thermometer.
  1. Enter the hexadecimal value or use the color wheel to edit title and amount colors.
  2. Edit the font size of the title and amount size. 
  3. Select display options:
    1. Goal: This is the number you put on the Goal tab
    2. Total Raised: This is the sum of all the Pledged and/or Collected Donations
    3. Remaining/Goal Exceeded:  This is the difference between the Goal and the Total Raised. If it is below the Goal it will say "Remaining"
    4. Donor Count: shows the total number of donors.
    • Note: Due to space limitations, you can only show two of the four options. If you try to add more, one of your choices will be cut off along the bottom of the form.
  4. If you want to only show actual donations on the Thermometer page instead of both Pledged donations and fulfilled donations (meaning someone has filled out your donation form and submitted it), then add a checkmark under Total Raised.
    1. Without Checkmark: Pledged AND fulfilled donations
    2. With Checkmark: Only fulfilled donations 
  5. Select to display dollars only, or dollars and cents.

Donor Wall - Modify the look of the donor names and donation amounts from text pledges received at the event. These are displayed on the right side of the thermometer.
  1. Enter the hexadecimal value or use the color wheel to edit the donor name/message and donation amount colors.
  2. Edit the font size of the name/message and amount size.
  3. You can choose not to display either or both the donation amount or donor name/message.
    • Note: Donor Name includes whatever is texted in following the Pledge Amount, and can include name, message, dedication, etc.
  4. Select to display dollars only, or dollars and cents.
  5. Reset Thermometer: This allows you to clear the thermometer page only. Meaning any pledged or fulfilled donations will not be touched. This will only clear the displayed donor wall and the amounts. This is used when you're testing your Thermometer page and are ready to display it for real at your event.  

To view your live Fundraising Thermometer to display at your event, look under the left-hand navigation menu for the gray Display Links box on the left side of the page. Clicking View Fundraising Thermometer will show you the live thermometer in a new window with its own URL. You can give this URL to your event's AV or IT team so they can project it for you without needing a MobileCause account.

Double-click anywhere on your live thermometer to view it at full screen, which is ideal for projecting during a live event.

We recommend testing your Fundraising Thermometer at the venue by texting in a test pledge during your pre-event rehearsal. You can clear the thermometer page using Reset Thermometer mentioned above, or you can erase or clear individual test pledges from the Reporting >  Manage Pledges page. For information on this, click here.
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